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  • 30 Jul 2040


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Donate to the Horror Writers Association

The Horror Writers Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to offering educational and professional resources to writers, readers, academics, and institutions working in the horror and dark fiction fields.

The HWA's Diversity Grants are open to underrepresented, diverse people who have an interest in the horror writing genre, including, but not limited to writers, editors, reviewers, and library workers. Like the Diverse Works Inclusion Committee, the Diversity Grants have adopted the broadest definition of the word diversity to include, but not limited to, gender, gender identity, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disabled, and neurodiverse.

The Horror Writers Association (HWA) believes barriers—often unseen but very real—exist which limit the amount of horror fiction being published by diverse voices. The goal of these Grants is to help remove some of the barriers and let those voices be heard. Grant recipients may use their funds for approved educational and research material, as well as registration and travel fees for writing and genre conventions, workshops, and presentations.

All donations are considered anonymous for public view. Only vital HWA staff will be able to see the donor's information. 

If you'd prefer to send a check rather than donate through the online portal, you can mail it to:

Horror Writers Association

PO Box 56687

Sherman Oaks, CA 91413

If you have any questions about donating, please write

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