Horror University

  • 25 Aug 2015
  • 12:00 PM
  • 10 May 2016
  • 12:00 AM
  • Las Vegas, Nevada


  • YOU ARE INVITED to join three veterans of the professional publishing industr--award-winning Editor Stephen Jones, Jo Fletcher with Jo Fletcher Books, an imprint of Quercus/Hachette, and Ian Drury, an agent with Sheil Land Associates--for a two-hour seminar that will tell you everything you need to know about getting your work noticed—from the creative side of writing short fiction and novels, to the business aspects of selling your work to editors and publishers around the world. This is a unique opportunity to discover what editors and publishers are currently looking for—specifically within the horror and fantasy genres—and how to get your work to stand out in an ever-more-saturated market. More importantly, our trio of industry experts will explain how you could be making real money from your work, rather than going the self-published, print-on-demand or ebook-only route. These are the tricks of the trade that you need to know. This is the seminar that no prospective authors will want to miss! , cover all the bases of publishing, from proper editing to finding the right agent and then snagging the right publisher. 2 hours on Saturday
  • The writer is the brand. The writer is the face and voice of his/her business. Successful writers know how to create a brand that both sells their product but also protects their privacy. Act Like A Writer is one of NY Times bestseller Jonathan Maberry's most successful programs. It teaches writers --however reclusive or introverted they might be-- how to create the public version of themselves so that their careers have a winning and manageable face. This program includes business etiquette, branding, public appearances, readings, how to be a good panelist, giving interviews and more.
  • Let's be honest, every writer'd love their work filmed, right? But even if you're lucky enough to attract a producer, once you sell those rights you're out of the loop. What better way to attract interest -- and retain some control over your story -- than writing the screenplay yourself? Though formalized, the screenwriting format and its adherence to an accepted structure isn't as scary as you think. In fact, it can even be applied back to strengthen your own fiction.
  • Techniques for creating new, interesting, and exciting monsters!
  • Should you pursue publication with a large New York publisher or focus on the small press? Write part-time or work toward writing full-time? There are many different definitions of success. This workshop will offer several specific written exercises to help you choose the publication goals that are right for you.
  • Yes, it's about suspense and character identification and tension and atmosphere, but what makes a story genuinely frightening...and how do you do it?
  • This workshop will cover tactics for crafting imagery -- appeals to the reader's senses -- that hit them in the guts. It will include a live writing activity with the aim of improving description of a gory or scary scene. Open to poets and flash fiction writers as well as novelists -- or even those sharpening up their work for the gross-out contest.
  • Many writers, especially early in his or her careers, struggle with various ways to add depth and layers to their chracters in order to create fully three-dimensional human beings with whom the reader can not only sympathize but empathize. One of the strongest tools available to these writers, whether they realize it or not, is dialogue -- it's not just a tool with which to present exposition; used correctly, dialogue can be the the best tool at the writer's disposal for adding multiple layers to a character's psyche without worrying that going inside the character's head will make that character seem too intensely introverted. There is a balance to be struck between what a charatcer thinks and what that character says; ideally, one should always be a reflection of the other.
  • This workshop will focus on the realities, techniques and strategies for pitching commercial fiction in the 21st century publishing market. It will include query letters, verbal pitches (interactive), locating agents and editors, business etiquette, rules of the game, and more.
  • A workshop to play with the different constructs of poetry (haiku, sonnet, villanelles, free verse, etc) to hear variations of ‘music’ that can add to your own creative voice. We will explore several poetry forms and their rules to understand how they are created. Some time will be available for attendees to practice writing.
  • In this workshop, students will learn how to create poems that pack a punch...and a nightmare. Through a careful study of line, structure, and imagery, this course will include case studies of madness and mayhem as students learn how to tap into their dark side and let their inner-monster run free.
  • Have you ever quaked in fear at the thought of reading your work in public? Or maybe you've found yourself in front of a microphone, stuttering and stumbling your way through a disaster...?In this hands-on workshop, professional actor Richard Grove teaches you the inside tricks on how to conquer stage fright, make yourself heard, and establish a connection with your audience. Richard will talk about everything from knowing how to adjust your mike to modulating your voice. Each participant will have a chance to stand before the class and receive direction and invaluable tips from Richard "Ricky" Grove co-starred as "Henry the Red" in ARMY OF DARKNESS, and has appeared in dozens of other films and television series, including SCANNER COP, BABYLON 5, and THE OUTER LIMITS. He holds a Masters Degree in Acting from Yale, and also does voice work for animated films. He lives in Southern California. 2 hours
  • Writing styles are as varied as writers themselves, but a common complaint among editors and publishers of horror fiction is that writers use too many words to say what they mean to say. This interactive workshop will focus on squeezing every ounce of meaning from each word. Participants should bring a 200-300 word prose sample from a work in progress.
  • A basic introduction to the different types of short and long fiction and how and where to market finished pieces. Includes querying agents and editors and the basics of understanding and evaluating contracts. 3 hours.
  • Write better stories faster with this workshop on the art of structuring your novel. Students will learn the four key phases and three game
    changing moments of story structure and then will work to develop a new concept, beginning with an initial premise and ending with a working
    outline they can use to prep a new project. Focus will be on creating a purposeful structure that will provide a powerful emotional experience and deepen reader satisfaction overall.
  • Learn Skipp's ultimate tag team storyboarding technique! You'll uncover more about your next novel or screenplay in two short hours than you can possibly believe, and walk away with huge chunks of your outline in hand. The tricks you learn in this class will last you a lifetime. Course requirements: pack of 3 inch X 5 inch index cards (at least a hundred), one bold Sharpee, your best penmanship, and a story you're excited to tell.
  • A discussion of the mechanics of various plots and narrative structures.
  • Novella critique package – a critique of a novella manuscript, up to 15,000 words total, a short phone call or email follow-up before the convention to discuss your manuscript, and acquisition support on select novella projects, markets pending. )
  • An exploration on using your darkest secrets and fears, along with your past experiences to bring them to life in your work.

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